Photos are everywhere. Receiving and sharing them should be frictionless.

We are a team of problem solvers and field operators who have set out to make that happen.  With SpotMyPhotos by CloudSpotter, you no longer have to search to find the photos you are in.  Your photos now find you through our platform powered by artificial intelligence – privately and automatically.

We are guided by a value for upholding individuals’ privacy preferences, an appreciation for our customers and partners as collaborators, and a relentless drive to continually iterate and grow the capabilities of the SpotMyPhotos platform.

Meet Our Amazing Team

We’ve built an incredible team with skill, enthusiasm, and passion that’s second to none. Each day we collaborate to define the future of photo delivery technology.

Ryan Jacobs

Founder & CEO

Ryan founded CloudSpotter in 2014 and serves as CEO. He brings to the team his deep experience from the event and photo industries, having launched various college campus event photography companies and having managed operations for a large-scale event production company in Atlanta. He has also consulted for photo industry giants Shutterfly, Kodak and HP, as well as a large national photo lab.

Ryan holds a BBA degree from Emory Univeristy and an MBA/MS from the Univeristy of Michigan.

Joshua Hensley


Joshua Hensley is responsible for all technology initiatives and product development at CloudSpotter, including the architecture of new features, user experience, and online corporate presence. He oversees the product pipeline and manages a diverse team of software engineers.

Joshua originally joined CloudSpotter as a Senior iOS Engineer and led the development of major mobile products crucial to the company’s growth. His management responsibilities later expanded to include the entire technical stack for SpotMyPhotos, CloudSpotter’s flagship product. In 2017 he was named Vice President of Engineering. As of April 2018, he serves as the company's Chief Technology Officer.

Prior to CloudSpotter, Joshua worked as the CEO and Executive Editor of Fairfield Current, a hyperlocal news media company. He oversaw the publication of a newspaper, magazine, and digital content, including two television productions. During his tenure, Fairfield Current grew to become the most circulated source for local news in their target market.

As a recipient of the prestigious Camras Scholarship, Joshua attended Illinois Institute of Technology for his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Management. He has also completed multiple professional studies in Computer Science at Stanford University.

Lynn Gurschke

Lynn Gurschke

Operations Manager

Sanju Bambhani

VP of Engineering

Brent Sanders

Senior Technical Lead

Justin Wilkerson

Justin Wilkerson

Senior Software Quality Engineer

Shawn Kelly

Director of Licensing

Amy Kelly

Director of Licensee Marketing

Sean Su

Director of Photography

Sean Su serves as CloudSpotter’s Director of Photography. Working closely with both the product and development teams, he relays valuable feedback from the field paving the way for new product features as well as optimizations for CloudSpotter’s branch of artificial intelligence algorithms.

First joining CloudSpotter in 2015 as an R&D field partner, Sean was intrigued by new possibilities for his own event photography business enabled by CloudSpotter’s zero-click sharing. He quickly became well known within Chicago’s Gala circuit and startup community, and has since logged over 600 events using the SpotMyPhotos platform. Sean has established several photography training programs for CloudSpotter partners, which range from beginner to advanced, and also highlight best practices for use of the SpotMyPhotos system.

Sean isn’t often seen without a camera in hand – Result of making the best of a late night super-glue accident in college. Sean resides in Evanston, Illinois and holds a PHD from Northwestern University where his research focused on Partial Differential Equations.

Sean’s client base includes: BP, Capital One, the Better Business Bureau, Cushman and Wakefield, 1871, Chicago Innovation, MATTER, mHub, Northwestern University, the Block Museum, Marathon Pharmaceuticals, Bottled Blonde, St. Jude Children’s Hospital. To learn more about his photography work, you can visit

Sarah Tesfai

Field Operations

Sam Schumacher

Marketing Manager

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