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SpotMyPhotos is a modern photo sharing platform for events.

Sharing photos taken on our phones is easy. Why is it that sharing photos from professional cameras is so difficult?

SpotMyPhotos has been a pioneer in cloud-enabling professional cameras, unlocking a whole new set of exciting possibilities for event professionals. In particular, our platform grants unprecedented control over when, how and with whom photos are to be shared, and was built with a privacy-first approach.

Use SpotMyPhotos with your own photographers, or work with those that are seasoned at streaming and spotting within our global partner network.

Beyond facial recognition.

Don’t be fooled by primitive imitators – we are the experts. We’ve spent years developing our cloud “spotting” engine, optimized for use at events. Pattern recognition is simply the tip of the iceberg. We’ve incorporated unique custom algorithms, artificial intelligence and more to create the world’s most effective and most seamless automated private photo sharing platform.

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We help leading brands get the most out of their event photos.

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