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SpotMyPhotos Plans

Choose whatever plan best suits your needs.  Questions? Contact us.

SpotMyPhotos Pro

$ 99

Paid monthly or annually
  • Ideal for independent operators and smaller teams.
  • These unlimited event plans include 8,000 photos per month; $29 for each set of 1000 photos thereafter.
  • Easily incorporate SpotMyPhotos as an upsell or value-add for any of your events to delight clients and wow prospects.
  • Also includes Headshot Mode.

Annual Plan ($1699)
6 Month Plan ($949)
Monthly Plan ($195)

SpotMyPhotos Pro Plus

$ 99

Paid monthly or annually
  • Enterprise-grade features made accessible for qualified photo service providers.
  • These unlimited event plans include 12,000 photos per month; $29 for each set of 1000 photos thereafter.
  • Easily incorporate SpotMyPhotos as an upsell or value-add for any of your events to delight clients and wow prospects.
  • Also includes Headshot Mode.

Annual Plan ($2500)
6 Month Plan ($1499)
Monthly Plan ($295)

Headshots Plan

$ 99

Paid monthly or annually
  • For those focused on exclusively using SpotMyPhotos for headshots.
  • Powerful yet simple workflows providing the most seamless delivery system in the industry.
  • Deliver in real-time or through approved distribution. Robust image and retouching sales, along with options for credits, discounts and coupons.
  • These unlimited event plans include 5,000 photos per month; $29 for each set of 1000 photos thereafter.

Annual Plan ($749)
Monthly Plan ($75)

SpotMyPhotos Enterprise

$ 99

Paid monthly or annually
  • Plans tailored to the needs of organizations, industry partners, agencies and higher volume operators.
  • Single event usage starts at $799
    Custom plans available beyond one event.
  • Enterprise plans feature greater functionality and customization along with more extensive support.

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SpotMyPhotos Features

Base Features

Dashboard to Create & Manage Events

Custom Branding (Photo Overlays & Gallery)

White Label Galleries (Optional, $29/day)

Social Media Integration

Collaborator Access


Private, Automated “Spotting”

Personal Gallery Delivery: SMS, Email or WhatsApp

Seamless On-Site Printing Integration

Slideshow Integration

Attendee Survey Prompt Capabilities

Photo Sharing Control

Instant: Live Sharing

Moderated: Approved Sharing

Attendee Registration (contactless)

Self-Spotting: Sharing Station, QR Code or Link

Simple Real-time Staff Spotting


 Standard Email Support

Phone & Chat Support

Support of Real-Time Streaming while Roaming 

The SpotMyPhotos SD Card Kit is sold separately. Recommended along with an iPhone (active data plan) for roaming. Some alternative approaches for roaming exist and are covered below in FAQ’s.

Why License SpotMyPhotos?
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Secure higher contract values.
  • Engage with attendees and organizers like never before.
  • Generate significantly more leads.
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Frequent Licensing Questions

How do I start shooting with SpotMyPhotos?

To get started, select a package above. Questions? Call or email us?  773.234.4194

Is it true that any camera (Canon, Nikon, Sony, other) will work with SpotMyPhotos?

Yes – Canon, Nikon, Sony, other… Doesn’t matter. Any camera with an SD card slot can work with SpotMyPhotos while roaming, when paired with an iPhone running the SpotMyPhotos app. CF card slot? We’ve heard and verified that people are using SpotMyPhotos with CF card adapters as well.

Furthermore, any camera that can be tethered to a laptop (mac or pc) can also work with SpotMyPhotos in a stationary environment.

What equipment will I need to use SpotMyPhotos?

For the most basic use cases, you’ll just need a DSLR. Tethered to a computer running our desktop application, you’ll be able to shoot and spot in real-time. However, you’ve got limited mobility due to your corded connection.
For the optimal roaming experience, in addition to your DSLR you may want to consider:
  1. iPhone with a data plan (6s or more recent)*
  2. SpotMyPhotos Kit (Includes SpotMyPhotos Wi-Fi SD Cards & Wristband)**
*There are some alternatives to using an iPhone, but this is what we’d recommend
**Alternatives also exist for the SpotMyPhotos Wi-Fi SD Cards such as the integration we worked on with the latest Canon camera systems (models released to market after May 2019)

What is the SpotMyPhotos WiFI SD Card, and what alternatives to it exist?

To unleash the full capabilities of SpotMyPhotos, we must cloud-enable cameras. We can do so in several ways.

The SpotMyPhotos WiFi SD Card was inspired by the work of both Eye-Fi and Toshiba. Our card married the best technologies available to us and layered our own technology in as well for the world’s most reliable wifi sd card. Class 10 write speed, made available in 16, 32, and 64GB densities.

Alternatives to the SpotMyPhotos Wifi SD Card

  • Tethering to a laptop
  • Use of the latest Canon Camera Systems (SpotMyPhotos Integration)

We were thrilled to collaborate with Canon in 2018 upon an integration within all of their camera systems. Any Canon camera model released to market in May of 2019 or later has the direct integration, which can be unlocked with a firmware update available through the SpotMyPhotos dashboard. This was done in conjunction with Canon and will not void your Canon warranty. The integration was debuted at CES 2019, where Canon and SpotMyPhotos showcased the world’s first cloud-enabled DSLR.

  • Few other solutions we’ve devised for some of our industry partners, that we can prescribe based upon our understanding of your objectives.

Can I operate SMP on multiple camera systems simultaneously at one event? How about multiple events at the same time?

Yes and yes!

At large events, the magic of SpotMyPhotos becomes especially clear.  Guests only need only provide information one time for the option to privately and automatically receive all of their photos.

If my camera has its own built-in Wi-Fi, do I still need to use a SpotMyPhotos Wi-Fi SD Card?

Yes, you will still need to use your SpotMyPhotos SD card in most cases.

The most common exception is Canon camera models which saw their initial release after May 2019. These -and all future Canon cameras systems will support the SpotMyPhotos integration, bypassing the need for a SpotMyPhotos Wi-Fi SD Card.

What does one do if there's no wifi? or no cellular signal?

There are SpotMyPhotos modes of operation for every environment you may encounter. In the most extreme case, our offline mode can be used to gather information until you catch that fresh breadth of wifi or a decent cellular signal.

Can I remove the SpotMyPhotos branding from the event gallery link and from the image gallery?

We call that White Label. Pro customers will pay $29 per event for it.

How does SpotMyPhotos work for high-volume step and repeats, photo stations or headshot stations?

Use SpotMyPhotos desktop software upon any computer (mac or pc). By tethered connection to your camera (or capture device) you’ll be able to stream photos to the SpotMyPhotos platform.  Or – if you’d prefer – feel free to stream through the SpotMyPhotos app using the SpotMyPhotos WiFi SD Card or a directly compatible camera system.

Spot from any device with an Internet connection whether laptop, tablet or phone.

High volume station? Consider using a “spotter” (friendly tablet-toting assistant) to engage those photographed immediately after their pictures.

Is SpotMyPhotos available worldwide?

Yes! Some upload issues in remote regions, but our offline mode ensures people can be spotted anywhere.

How do I learn how to use the system?

We have a selection of written and video training materials available within our Help Center on the SpotMyPhotos Dashboard. After you sign up, you will have access to these resources and a dedicated onboarding specialist, if you need assistance. In addition, Live Chat Support and our Support Phone Line give licensees that extra level of dedicated real-time support as needed over time. We’ve made learning SpotMyPhotos easy!

Can a licensee get compensated for referring a friend?

We always take care of our friends. Contact to discuss.

Does SpotMyPhotos integrate with onsite instant printing?

Yes, we offer options to integrate your current printing equipment and workflow seamlessly. Install our Printer Application onto any mac or pc connected to your printer.

How long will photos remain on the system so that guests can view them?

We are currently keeping photos available for a minimum of 60 days, but often much longer. Please contact us if you have specific requirements.

How long does it take to create an event on SpotMyPhotos?

An event can be created in as few as 30 seconds. It’s easy; a basic webform with key information such as event name, date and time. It is easy to upload photo overlays and any branding as well (simple drag and drop), although creation of those assets will take time.

Overlays are optional but used over 95% of the time for photographer watermarking or branding purposes. They make photos more novel. Fortunately, we have templates you’re welcome to if up for whipping something together yourself. We also have some great 3rd party partners helping our licensees with designs if you’re up for commissioning their support.

How long does it take to get everything ready to stream my first time?

We’d recommend allowing at least 20 minutes to get comfortable streaming, and certainly recommend testing before the day of an event.

Most individuals can follow directions in our Getting Started Guide and be streaming within 10 minutes their first time around.

Once paired, setting up one’s camera and phone to stream in subsequent outings can be accomplished within a minute.