Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Last Updated: August 21, 2019

We believe your photos should find you – privately.

Photographers commonly distribute their event photos using social media platforms. This results in a public gallery, or a gallery accessible to all who attended a given event. In this scenario, all photos are viewable by everyone, regardless of who appears in them. On top of that, finding the photos of yourself in this public gallery can be difficult.

We take a different, privacy focused approach to photo delivery. Your photos go to you and not to others. Our platform lets us do this rapidly, within seconds of a photo being taken. Your photo is immediately accessible to you, on your own phone.

You can share photos on your own terms.

We handle getting your photos to you privately and as quickly as possible. Thereafter, what you do with your photos is completely up to you. You may choose to share via social channels, privately with friends, or keep them all to yourself. You are in control.

You opt-in to our responsible use of AI and Recognition technology.

Upon registering with your email or phone number, we provide you with the option to use advanced pattern recognition technology. This includes facial recognition, used to generate your personalized private gallery. This choice belongs to you and we believe you should have that control. Therefore, the technology we use to generate private galleries is strictly used only for that purpose. Also, the use of this technology will only take place upon your explicit consent. You are in control.

Your personal data is protected.

We use industry standard encryption where personal information is collected as well as where it is stored. We’ve followed best practices for data security by architecting our platform to store personal information, photos, and data derived from photos on separate secure servers.

You have full rights to your photos.

Image files shared with you will belong to you, forever. You are free to use as you please. To receive access to original high resolution images, you’ll need to speak with the photographer who captured the image, or the event organizer who commissioned the photographer.

For more details on these privacy practices other legal agreements, please review our full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.